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I’m Sue Moore, UK copywriter, messaging strategist and marketing psychology expert, based in Northern Ireland.

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If I’m ever lost for words, I invent them.

Here’s one for you.

Psy-copy, AKA copywriting psychology. That’s my thing.

I turn your sigh-copy into psy-copy.

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Clients hire me if they are …

BUSINESS OWNERS who need a UK copywriter for messaging strategy or a copy project.

COPYWRITERS, MARKETERS or CREATIVES like you who need a big nudge to get on with your own marketing.

Squeezed for reading time?


Psy-copy: copywriting psychology for brands, marketers & UK copywriters

Could your marketing words be more persuasive?

The answer is yes. I’m certain.

Copywriting and content writing can be a confusing time-eraser.

And yet 92.3% of marketing messages are flavourless, forgettable and sigh-inducing.

But we all need a way to stand out.

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How to use psychology in copywriting? (from a UK copywriter)

Find words to make your mouth water.

Because how you talk (and write) about your work is just as important as what you actually do.

The juiciest words nudge your buyers towards smart decisions. They also help YOU feel confident and powerful.

When psychology meets copy, you get a mighty marketing mixup.

Copywriting psychology.


Yes, I’ve made up my own word. Psy-copy. Trust me, it’s a thing.

Think of it as the spot where a behavioural scientist, psychologist and copywriter catch up for coffee. Sometimes a neuroscientist drops by for a chat.

Big global brands have applied this smart science for years.

But many business owners still miss their golden opportunity.

You don’t have to do big budget research. All the big brand science is visible and searchable. And if you apply it to your brilliant business, you can turn your customers into well-informed, wise decision-makers.

Vintage book titled Oxford Book of English Prose with green fountain pen

Psy-copy is the answer: the persuasive power of marketing psychology turns your big ideas into words

Why do buyer brains mainly act on instinct and emotion?

Because it’s quicker, more predictable and takes less energy. But it’s not always logical.

So would it help to know how to nudge customers by appealing to their instincts and emotions? How to create brainy content that cuts through the ambient noise online?

No more bland, ignorable word salad. As a UK copywriter, I’ll help you write like a human. Turn sigh-copy into psy-copy.

So let’s stick with my word psy-copy for now. Agreed? Just until I come up with something stronger.

Get started: choose your brain candy

This is me ⤵

“I need a copywriter or messaging strategist for my business.”

Clients hire me because they’re lost for words and ready to outsource writing projects. Let me fill in any messaging gaps, add depth and discover unseen connections. I’m a clear-thinking, credible researcher (PhD, remember?) and persuasive UK copywriter. I’ve worked with marketers, creatives, lifestyle brands, B2Bs and professional service providers.

Click here for menu and price list of my copywriting services.

This is me ⤵

“I’m a copywriter, marketer or creative who needs a friendly nudge to do my own neglected marketing.”

You’re a curious skill-seeker, searching for smart ways to fine-tune your talent. I can help you overcome confusion and lack of action, either in a group setting or with my digital products. No more dabbling in your own marketing projects. I’ll bring the headmistress energy!

Check out my Ink Tank Mastermind and digital products.

Sue Moore of Virtual Gold Dust, a UK copywriter, pictured seated outdoors on a step in urban setting, and smiling wearing a bright green jumper and animal print coat

About Sue: UK copywriter

I’ve worked in marketing my entire career. First in-house, then as a freelance UK copywriter and marketer. Before that, I got my PhD. 

Over my last 21 years in marketing, I’ve panned for psychology gold dust, so you don’t have to. You can find out more about me by clicking here.

I write about copywriting (so meta), books, lifestyle, business and marketing psychology. I invent words like psy-copy.

I write all kinds of copy and messaging for business owners who don’t want to blend into the background.

My door’s open for you

Ditch the demographic customer personas and discover the triggers and messages that work for you instead.

Get clear-headed about your own marketing.

Take action now, instead of stockpiling more information and ideas.

Quote on teal background with gold accents reads "it's easier to push an open door" - this is UK copywriter Sue Moore's mantra

Expert recommendations

What’s it like to work with this UK copywriter & messaging strategist?


“What a genius you are. You have the soul of a poet and the brain of a scientist. Plus decades of real expertise that make it seem effortless.”

Jessica Cadzow-Collins, lifestyle brand owner & luxury jewellery expert


“It was a great process – almost therapeutic. It felt amazing to have Sue in my business corner, especially because it’s a tiny team that doesn’t always have time to reflect on “why” and “how”, because we’re really concerned with getting content out.”

Jen Clinehens, Choice Hacking


“Sue makes it really easy – she took all the waffle out of my head and turned it into copy that sounds professional and also super clear, exciting and true to what I do.”

Isabel Lydall, Curiosity & Clarity


“Sue is incisive, analytical and methodical. As a person, she is a joy to work with – collaborative, curious, flexible.

Hire Sue.”

Fleur Emery, Founder REALWORK


“Sue, you were definitely my best investment this year!

Sue can take a complete hodge-podge of ideas that are floating around your head and turn it into a solid content strategy which will help you sell.”

Donna Green, Donna Green Brand Photography


“As a marketer myself, I always thought I should have all the answers and be able to do all my own marketing. How happy I am to have been proved wrong. 

Sue at Virtual Gold Dust became my marketing messaging muse. After every call I came away energised, inspired and more confident about myself and my work. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting to jumpstart their messaging and confidence.”

Cassie Anderson, Marketing Consultant


“Sue is a wordsmith with a PhD. Strategic. Innovative in her approach to marketing copy. And always weaving in behavioural psychology into her work. I attended one of her writers’ hours.

A brilliant session which enabled me to get out of my own head and get impactful words on paper. I’ve also been picking Sue’s brain for my book title. She was generous in her feedback and ideas. I can’t recommend Sue enough.”

Katie Tucker, Product Jungle & author of ‘Do penguins eat peaches?’


“Sue is a great writer and delivers ahead of schedule every time. Super reliable and easy to deal with…. Highly recommend her!”

Penny Mallory, Keynote Speaker & Mental Toughness expert