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Sue Moore of Virtual Gold Dust, supplying copywriting services in the UK, pictured seated outdoors on a step in urban setting, and smiling wearing a bright green jumper and animal print coat

The Virtual Gold Dust quest

I’m on a mission to reassure business owners, as well as other marketers and creatives, that it’s HARD to do your own marketing (even when client work is easy and you’re an expert in your field). After all, the trickiest story to tell is the one you know inside out – yours!

There are sound psychological reasons for this. You’re definitely not a procrastinator or a slouch.

Using psy-copy®, I can help you get your big ideas out of your head (and multiple notebooks) and into the world.

About Virtual Gold Dust’s credo

It’s easier to push an open door

Sue Moore of Virtual Gold Dust, a UK copywriter, pictured seated outdoors on a step in urban setting, and smiling wearing a bright green jumper and animal print coat

It’s easier to push an open door. This sums up my approach to finding your core messaging and most persuasive words.

It’s not always easy or intuitive to magnetise your message.

I can help you. I’ve had lots of practice (21+ years, to be precise).

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About Sue Moore’s messaging strategy and copywriting services

I’ve worked in marketing my entire career. First in-house, then as a freelance copywriter and marketer. Before that, I got my PhD. 

Over my last 21+ years in marketing, I’ve panned for copy psychology gold dust, so you don’t have to.

I write about copywriting (how meta), books, lifestyle, business and marketing psychology.

I write all kinds of words so that brands and business owners can stop blending into the background.

I’m also Semrush certified for Content-Led SEO. Check out my Semrush SEO certificate here.

I believe our world is a gold vault of wisdom, knowledge and experience and I’m thirsty to have it all. You too? Then we should talk about working together. Contact me here.

Semrush SEO certificate

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