Hi, I’m Sue, marketer, writer and founder of Virtual Gold Dust.

I help other marketers talk about their own (and their clients’) work more easily, using persuasive content and marketing psychology.

I do this by digging deep into HOW people make decisions to buy, then translating that into persuasive content.

It’s easier to push an open door

It’s easier to push an open door. This sums up how I help busy marketers find their repeatable messages and persuasive content, linked to their clients’ buying behaviour.

It’s not always easy or intuitive to make your business more magnetic.

I can help you, I’ve got years of practice.

Even then, my content’s more magnetic if I think hard about it and redraft it three times.

Who has time for that?

Eh, I do. Let me help.

About Sue

I’ve worked in marketing my entire career. First in-house, then as a freelance writer for around 20 years. Before that, I got my PhD.

I’m fascinated by the crossover between marketing & psychology.

Whatever you call it – neuromarketing, consumer psychology, behavioural economics – I’ve been researching how to apply the strategies to help you get the gold.

First step

Download your free checklist of persuasive content treasures that will save you time and make you more magnetic.

What’s it like to work with Sue?

Don’t just take MY word for it …

“Sue brought creativity, smart questioning & a safe space for me to talk through some of my writing blocks.

I came out with clarity & motivation to get pen to paper & get writing.”

Katie, Product Jungle

“I was feeling a little lost at the direction I wanted to take my content. I was confused on my niche & who my audience was. After taking the amazing Mastermind, I felt so much clarity.”

Courtney, The Hungry Luna

“Sue asked great questions, which in turn generated great content ideas.

I left our session with ideas that I could implement immediately & 3 full pages of notes to refer back to. These sessions are a great pick-me-up if you need some motivation & encouragement.”

Kate, Kitty Holmes London

A really enjoyable & insightful workshop, Sue’s guide is easy to use & the workshop format is perfect for experimenting with ideas & getting tailored feedback. A must for business owners who want to roll their sleeves up & get stuck in with their own marketing, but want a bit of reassurance along the way.

Bex, Bramble & Fox Shop UK

“These are such an eye-opener & IG bios are something I have always struggled with. Having a clear and easy way to talk about all my offers was something I was lacking.”

Camille, Camille Curro

“I pored through every page while actually testing your tips step-by-step on my own bio, links, highlights & photo. Everything was explained clearly & I was able to easily navigate through the workbook without needing clarification. Your voice comes through well & I could hear you calmly walking me through each step.”

Lisa, The Golden Brand