why are coworking spaces so popular text on background photo of woman working at laptop

Virtual coworking spaces: why so popular?

This post will explain the science behind coworking. Solo copywriters and marketers will understand why finding coworkers could be the missing piece of the productivity jigsaw.

Instagram bio profile conversion to followers rate

3 simple ways to measure your Instagram bio conversion

One of the most useful pieces of data to track is your Instagram bio conversion rate. Here are the 3 easy steps to measure it. You can watch this 4-minute video to learn how to track your Instagram profile conversion over time.

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Best indoor air purifying plants for your home workspace

Introducing my shortlist of the best indoor air purifying plants for your home workspace. I’m Sue Moore, freelance copywriter and marketer. I write for other businesses, and also publish regular posts on life as a copywriter. My copywriting workspace (remote and at home) is full of plants. Air purifying plants …