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Book review: Living with Flowers by Rowan Blossom

Living with Flowers Rowan Blossom book review Roomy Home UK home floristry tips

Living with Flowers by Rowan Blossom is about creating bouquets for your home, from scratch, using the “recipes” in the book.

The 25 flower recipes move from everyday posies to party displays, with step-by-step instructions (and visuals) on how to recreate the style.

I love that blossom season is such an inspiration for the author. In spring, so many people feast their eyes on nature’s changing beauty. Even the blossom falling, as the wind blows later in the season, is stunning. Just a reminder to stop and enjoy …

“… flowers are so important in our everyday lives: they bring hope, give you joy and force you to live in the moment.” 

Rowan Blossom

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Who is Rowan Blossom?

Rowan Blossom is a florist, stylist and writer. She left a career in fashion for her love of flowers, and now runs a studio based in Notting Hill, where she creates and styles for big-name events.

Rowan Blossom specialises in using seasonal blooms to create whimsical, natural creations. Her clients include Topshop, Matches Fashion and Manolo Blahnik.

You can find Rowan Blossom on Instagram here.

What’s in Living with Flowers?

The book contains around 25 floral “recipes”. These provide the ingredients and method for different floral displays, from a posy to a floral archway.

The floral displays in the book are very natural, boho and whimsical. But just because they look effortless, it doesn’t mean they’re easy to put together. That’s why the step-by-steps visuals are so important for beginners (and beyond).

Having read the book, I’d feel confident to try any of the projects in it, armed with bucketfuls of blooms and a strong coffee!

page spread Roomy Home Book review Living with Flowers by Rowan Blossom
How’s this lovely bowl of flowers for a table centrepiece?

Best takeaways from Living with Flowers?

Living with Flowers will also give you the confidence just to have a go. After all, the author terms it “foolproof floristry”.

The best first takeaway for me from Living with Flowers is to play with scale and height for maximum visual impact.

Starting small, I practised styling an everyday bud vase/jam jar collection and was surprised to build the arrangement with blooms left taller than I expected.

Once all the fillers were added, this looked just right and will stop me being so snip-happy with secateurs in future.

bud vase posies Living with Flowers Rowan Blossom book review Roomy Home UK
Working on a bud vase vignette using flowers with different heights

Some of the arrangements were happily very simple. In fact, the whole book reinforced that, although you can go all-out with bloom quantity, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on flowers to make a big impact in your interior.

Sometimes a collection of smaller blooms is just enough.

glass bottle posy Living with Flowers Rowan Blossom book review Roomy Home UK
Keeping it simple and inspired by Living with Flowers – leggy blooms in a lemonade bottle

What can interior stylists learn from Living with Flowers?

This is a great floristry book for first-timers and seasoned flower arrangers.

If you’re starting from scratch with floristry, then Living with Flowers will lead you from a simple posy arrangement right up to a complicated, supersized floral archway.

I recommend starting with an arrangement in the Everyday section and climbing the difficulty ladder from there. Next thing you know, you’ll be transforming a hula hoop into a floral chandelier.

The book also has a useful section on items for your toolkit, detailing equipment you might need.

The flower conditioning tips were really helpful too, as were the practical tips including UK stockists for sourcing blooms and equipment.

flower filled table flatlay Living with Flowers Rowan Blossom book review Roomy Home UK
Blooms conditioned, in water and ready to style

Oh, and welcome a new word too, for me anyway! How about … blossomary? The final section of the book summarises all the practical stuff with this evocative title.

I’m also going to try recreating that 80s favourite, pot pourri. Living with Flowers has a simple one paragraph recipe for making your own, infused with your favourite essentials oils.

(Who else remembers Joey from Friends suspiciously sniffing pot pourri, then coming up for breath to say “It’s like summer in a bowl”? That’s the effect I’ll be aiming for!)

Also what about styling an underrated everyday corsage? Don’t just save it for weddings. They have the potential to enhance a very simple outfit, and you can make them quickly from garden blooms.

Inspired for flower faffing & need a copy now?

Living with Flowers: Blooms & Bouquets for the Home by Rowan Blossom (£19.99, Laurence King Publishing).

Click the cover image to order immediately. Then grab your vases and secateurs!

Living with Flowers by Rowan Blossom book review Roomy Home UK blooms and bouquets for the home
Living with Flowers by Rowan Blossom, Amazon (affiliate link)

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