Want to get deep insights into your brand personality, so you can create from the heart and leverage the psychological triggers that raise your buyers’ eyebrows? Take the first step with my brand archetype quiz.

When we work together, the first step I take when building your verbal brand is to define your personality. I’ve got a few tools to do that. One of those tools is brand archetype. Now you can try the tool out for yourself by taking this quiz. Choose whether you want to take the quiz as a business or personal brand.

First: what are brand archetypes?

Brand archetypes start with story. Every marketer knows that storytelling is one mighty way to connect with buyers.

These 12 fundamental brand archetypes represent the stories we’ve told each other since we first lit a campfire.

The stories we recognise from our childhoods.

The stories that help us know ourselves and the world around us deeply. Seemingly intuitively.

If you want to go full Jung, these stories endure in our Collective Unconscious.

Where do you find archetypes?

In stories, archetypes are symbolic character types that appear over and over again in myth, folklore, books and even films. We recognise and understand these character types without explanation – the hero, the innocent, the rebel.

To talk 21st century, they’ve got big Main Character Energy.

Every story (including brand story) is built on variations on an original theme.

The Gentle Giant, the Girl Back Home, the Star-Crossed Lovers, Rags to Riches, Coming of Age, Zero to Hero, the Dark and Stormy Night, the Naive Newcomer.

You recognise them, don’t you, without me needing to explain? You can probably think of examples in stories you know. These aren’t clichés.

They’re patterns of character or plot that we know in our bones

Why do archetypes appeal to us so strongly?

Your brain loves patterns. It loves to recognise, sort, then predict. And just like movies and novels, we do the same when we encounter brands. Yes, even B2Bs.

Let’s say it again. We recognise recurring types when it comes to brands.

That’s why leaning into your brand archetype will pinpoint how you make your buyers’ lives better, so your marketing is more compelling. It will help your buyers have “aha” moments. And you will attract more buyers and build business revenue.

Why use archetypes to build your brand story?

I’m going to come right out with it. When I first heard of brand archetypes, I thought they sounded like the business equivalent of astrology. To say I was sceptical understates my eye-rolling. I had visions of Pisces with Aquarius rising, or whatever.

I was wrong.

Defining your archetype is an insightful way to home in on your brand personality, tone of voice, narrative, values and even the words you use.

Your brand archetype shapes HOW you speak.

It helps define WHO your business is likely to attract.

It can also define your WHY.

Once you take this quiz, you can move ahead with valuable insights about your brand to help you stand out and connect deeply with your ideal buyer.

I’m this archetype … how about you?

FYI, my brand is a Sage archetype, with a side order of Seeker. That’s because I’m a lifelong learner, continually seeking out brain food (which I love to share with you).

I’ll leave no stone unturned to discover hidden connections in your messaging. I can help you discover, create and optimise your verbal brand with my messaging strategy and copywriting services.

Now let’s find out about you …

Take the quiz. You can decide to answer the questions as a business or personal brand.

Let’s find out if you’re a Hero, a Magician (or maybe a Sage like me).

Here’s a full list of the 12 master brand archetypes your brand could be –

Caregiver, Creator, Entertainer, Explorer, Hero, Innocent, Magician, Neighbour, Rebel, Ruler, Sage, Seducer.

Ok, rewind. Didn’t I already say my brand was Sage with a hint of Seeker? So why isn’t Seeker on this list? Let me explain.

These 12 categories are the widely accepted core archetypes in Carl Jung’s framework. They’re more than enough to define your brand personality.

But what if you want to build out an archetype-inspired verbal brand? Stick around, because I’ve got access to a total of 60 archetypes, so we can really dive deep and shape your messaging around your Main Character Energy.

Take the test, then get in touch if you need help bringing your brand to life.

I worked with this Engineer-archetype B2B on their verbal brand and web copy

“Working with Sue was a breeze. She molded our tone of voice in a way I’m still in awe: from beginning to end, I felt in good hands …”

And I worked with this Lover-archetype D2C on messaging

“What a genius you are. You have the soul of a poet and the brain of a scientist. Plus decades of real expertise that make it seem effortless.”

Can you see how even the tone of the testimonials is true to each brand archetype? This shows the kind of easy clarity you get when you’ve done archetype work.

What’s next after you’ve taken the brand archetype quiz?

Glad you asked.

The next step is to add all the colour to your brand personality, so you can speak your buyers’ language on a conscious and subconscious level.

If you’re not sure how to move forward, I can help. Book a free 30 minute call to map out the road ahead.