why are coworking spaces so popular text on background photo of woman working at laptop

Why are virtual coworking spaces so popular?

The traditional office has evolved beyond recognition since 2020. That means all kinds of coworking spaces are a vital part of the future of work.

Remote workers and freelancers continue to search for ways to make flexible working as productive as possible. A coworking space is one useful tool.

This post will explain the science behind coworking. Solo copywriters and marketers will understand why finding coworkers could be the missing piece of the productivity jigsaw.

marketing psychology example in branding movement mirroring

Movement in photography & mirroring

About 90% of the information our brains receive is through sight. We process visuals more quickly than any of our other senses.⁠

Here’s a quick neuromarketing takeaway to create attention-grabbing photographs. Try to include movement or mirroring.