How to choose a velvet bed Roomy Home blog post

How to choose a velvet bed

Brissi Chelsea bed light grey velvet bed kingsize
Chelsea bed in grey velvet by Brissi

Velvet sofas were one of the biggest interior buys of last year – they were everywhere! Now that we’ve all got used to the luxury of some soft velvet upholstery in our living areas, it’s only a matter of time before the velvet bed takes over in the bedroom.

There’s something decadent about propping yourself up in bed against a padded velvet headboard. The choice of velvet beds is growing, and there’s something for just about every budget.

So how to choose a velvet bed?


(Main image shows the Chelsea velvet bed by Brissi).


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Fabric choice – plush or crushed?

Please – it’s got to be plush.

What’s the difference between plush and crushed velvet?

Crushed velvet has a bit more going on visually.  Because the fabric sits in different directions, it can look as though it’s patterned. Plush velvet, on the other hand, is more regular to look at, smooth to touch. The texture is even, and the colour looks constant all over.

A crushed velvet bed will look something like this – 

While a plush velvet bed looks more like this –

Plush is more elegant and less shiny – hope we’ve convinced you!

Velvet bed – what colour?

The safe but sassy option is to choose a mid/dark neutral, maybe black, gunmetal or silver grey. Elegant, refined and dramatic, just like this bedroom (via Light Locations).


Light Locations Wray Crescent grey velvet bed Roomy Home blog post

However you can also find lots of brighter, jewel colours if you want to something bolder. We’re all for making a big statement with your interior – think sleek modern architecture, but with added tassels and pompoms! Just don’t forget that your bedroom should be a restful place, so tone down the bed linen and accessorise accordingly.

If it’s not a dark neutral, we’re drawn to a green or blue velvet bed. This teal one from Loaf packs a colour punch, but would still create a restful feeling with neutral bedlinen.

John Lewis Loaf velvet bed Peachy bed frame real teal Roomy Home blog post
Loaf Peachy velvet bed in real teal from John Lewis

Barker and Stonehouse’s Hadley velvet bed is more traditional-looking, with scrolled bed ends and deep buttons.

Barker and Stonehouse teal green velvet Hadley bed frame
Barker and Stonehouse Hadley teal velvet bed


We love this patterned velvet headboard from Blackpop. With a velvet bed like this, everything else can be kept simple. Although that Moroccan wedding blanket peeping into the photo wouldn’t go amiss!

See more quirkily stylish Blackpop products here at Clippings.

Blackpop bedhead Duprez velvet bed headboard Roomy Home blog post
Headboard upholstered in Duprez velvet from Blackpop

Your velvet bed – buttoned or smooth?

We think a buttoned velvet headboard is more forgiving visually of any wear and tear, as the 3-D depth the buttons give means that it’s easier to ignore any little marks on the velvet. A patterned velvet like the Blackpop fabric above serves the same purpose.

On the other hand, smooth looks less traditional, and can be comfier to lean against. Then there are the fabric innovations, like Loaf’s ‘Clever velvet’. This is really durable, and doesn’t mark in the same way as many other velvet fabrics.

Budget-friendly velvet bed

We recently ordered a grey, plush velvet bed with a buttoned, studded headboard from Amazon (surprisingly). As we ordered it, sight unseen, it was a bit of calculated risk. But it turned out to be fabulous.

The plush velvet feels good quality, and the bed frame itself is super-sturdy. By the way, the wallpaper is a designer collaboration from a few years ago between Graham and Brown and Caroline Davidson.


Rhea grey velvet bed Roomy Home blog post
Rhea grey velvet bed from Amazon

Baby steps towards a velvet bed – another budget option

Still unsure if a velvet bed is for you? What about testing the waters with a velvet throw or bedspread? You’ll never regret investing in one of these. This grey, pintucked velvet quilt from Cox and Cox is perfect – the little black dress for your bedroom.


Cox and Cox pintuck velvet linen quilt blue Roomy Home blog post
Pintuck velvet and linen quilt from Cox and Cox

Read more about choosing beautiful throws for your bed.


Velvet bed or throw just too rich for your budget right now? Why not create your own padded headboard in less than hour, with a nothing but a staple gun, some cheap duvets and your choice of fabric?

Find out how by clicking right here.

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See more dream velvet beds on our Pinterest board.



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