Want more eyes on your business, but content feels like a chore?

Gold Dust Content Vault

Let me guess. Here's how you feel right now.


It's difficult to justify the time you spend on content.


You jump between different social media platforms and rarely post on your blog. Probably winging it. Sometimes you tinker with your ideal customer avatar. It's given you some limited traction.


Your head swims with ideas, but you struggle to pick out the gems.


Meanwhile, you do make sales (but you've got capacity to sell more). You need to spend time on the work that brings in the £££s. Not precious hours every week dreaming up content. You often see no obvious return on the time you invest in it.



You know in your bones that it should be quicker and easier to get your message out there.


Out of your notebook and into the world. 


You want to stand out. You want persuasive content. And you want to get it out there, with as little fuss as possible.



You're tied up in the PROCESS of producing content and don't prioritise the PURPOSE.



Time to sort out your content and messaging wobbles for good.



Guess what the big brands have been doing for years? They've been busy applying the psychology of persuasion to their messaging. 


Marketing psychology will help you understand the shortcuts we ALL rely on to make buying decisions.


You can learn from the big brands. Claim your headstart on other small businesses by changing your focus - from tinkering with ideal customer avatars to creating content that connects.


When we work together to create your Content Vault, I'll help you home in on the most important psychological shortcuts for your business.



You need this content vault full of gold.


Once we've stockpiled your Content Vault, full of golden soundbites, talking points and stories, then it's EASY for you to cut hours from this process.


And if you know your Content Vault is built around the psychology of gentle persuasion, you're far more confident to post. Without second-guessing yourself.


Posting content becomes as easy as sprinkling confetti from your hand.



If you're ready to prioritise PURPOSE over PROCESS, this is for you.


Your content will be intentional, magnetic and actionable.


Your audience will keep you top-of-mind.


Together, we'll sort out your content wobbles for good.


What's the Gold Dust Content Vault Intensive?


It's a six-week one-to-one content writing and strategy service, with added support and accountability.


We spend intensive time together (virtually) working on your Content Vault, but you really get me beside you on your marketing team for that full six weeks.

How it works

  • We talk to see if you're ready to create your Content Vault.
  • We arrange a date for our first meeting and I get to know your business in the lead-up to our time together.
  • Working together 1:1 for four 60-minute sessions, we get your content strategy and messaging sorted.
  • Together, we create all content for your vault of gems. Don't worry, I do the heavy lifting here. We talk, I write.
  • You get 6 weeks of support and accountability too, so you're in the best place to get things done.

It's you in a 6 week's time.

Clear about your messaging, confident in its purpose and saving hours of time in the process, because you've got a Content Vault to pick from.

Perfect for you if

  • You do your own marketing and need fresh eyes, because you're not sure if your content strategy is working hard enough for you.
  • "Nearly ready" turns into "never", because you keep second-guessing the content you're creating.
  • All the thought you've given to your ideal customer hasn't helped you connect with your audience deeply.
  • You spend too much time on the content process. It's stopping you getting on with client work.

You're ready to STOP truffling for ideas and
get your gems OUT of your notebook and into the world.

"As a marketer myself, I always thought I should have all the answers and be able to do all my own marketing. How happy I am to have been proved wrong. 

Sue at Virtual Gold Dust became my marketing messaging muse. After every call I came away energised, inspired and more confident about myself and my work. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting to jumpstart their messaging and confidence.”

Cassie AndersonCassie AndersonMarketing & Communications Specialist

Here's what you get

Your Gold Dust Content Vault includes -


Core message


Elevator pitch

Content pillars

Talking points

Origin/founder story

Word bank

Hooks & headlines

Calls to action


Your Content Vault of gems is ESSENTIAL for your business.


Your new sense of purpose gives you confidence, because you know the big WHY behind your content.


Why Virtual Gold Dust?

I'm Sue Moore, founder of Virtual Gold Dust.


I've got 21+ years experience in marketing and writing. I'm ready to share the gems with you.


My expertise is that sweet spot where your content becomes magnetic to your people.


That's because my North Star is the psychology of persuasion.

Sue Moore Virtual Gold Dust

Your investment