If you could click your fingers and get that copy project out of your brain and into the world in an instant, would you do it? You can with my strategic copywriting VIP Day.

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Turn your “I’ll do it one day” project into actual One Day Copy.

And you’re sorted at last. That copy project sitting stubbornly on your to-do list is finally done.

My copywriting VIP Day isn’t quite a finger-clicking instant, but it is fast.

On-brand, five-star copy in just one day

What’s one-day VIP copywriting?

A streamlined way to get your project up-and-working quickly.

You get psychology-driven words, written by an expert, so you can go ahead and sell your stuff.

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Write or upgrade one of your crucial marketing assets

What can we cover in a copywriting VIP Day?

Pick one –

1-2 web pages

Landing page

Content pillars

UX microcopy for one user flow or asset

Optimised crucial asset like sales page or cornerstone content

Elevator pitch

Interested in something that’s not on the list? That’s ok, it’s YOUR day.

Let’s chat about what’s possible.

Publish-ready copy in 5 steps

# Book your VIP Day (by choosing a time for your kick-off call).

# Outline your project. I’ll send you a info-gathering form ahead of our call. You tell me about your project and goals.

# Fill me in. We have a 60 minute kick-off call to finalise the details. Your insights about your service, buyers and brand allow me to write the best copy for your revenue goals.

# The VIP Day itself. You do your thing, I’ll write. We’ll review your project in a 30 minute wrap-up call at end of day. Then I’ll hand over your brand new copy.

# You go forth and make money from your new copy. It’ll be publish-ready and nestled in your inbox by twilight.

about Sue Moore UK copywriter - Sue is pictured smiling sitting on steps outside in urban setting
Probably won’t look this relaxed on the day, let’s be honest …

Hello, I’m Sue, B2B Copywriter and Messaging Strategist.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for psychology-driven copywriting, or psy-copy®

VIP Day pricing

Ready to turn that one day dream into One Day Copy?

Your copywriting VIP Day costs £975

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Sue is in a league of her own. My go-to person for everything words, copy and editorial.

– Sheena Mason-White, Business Mentor

Sue is a fantastically talented copywriter, able to get you moving quickly. I cannot recommend the 1-1 sessions highly enough – focused, strategic, collaborative – always with Sue’s expert guidance to ensure you get the best copy possible that meets your business objectives.

– Rosie Wareham, CMO

It’s one full day for ME – you can put your feet up

Do I need to be available for all of the VIP Day?

No, just the wrap-up call. I might email you with quick questions during the day, which you can answer in your own time.

It’s quite hands-off on your side. I do all the heavy lifting.

So you can return to bed with your cappuccino, if you like.

I need full web copy. Can you do that in a day?

I’m fast, but I don’t have a time machine.

We can tackle 1-2 web pages in a day.

If you need more time, you can book multiple days.

Or you might find one of my service packages works better for you.

Is this the only way to work together?

No. I’ve got other services.

In fact, I mainly work on larger branding and web copy projects.

Who’s going to write my copy?

Me (and only me). No sub-contractors or AI underlings.

Will you get everything done in time?

Yes, guaranteed.

If we’ve agreed I’ll complete your project, then I’ll complete it.

What if I have questions once my VIP Day is complete?

You’re welcome to email me with questions about your new copy in the week following your VIP Day.

Your project doesn’t include revisions beyond the day itself, because I’ve designed it to be speedy and cost-effective.

If you’d like revisions, you can book a paid revision session.

I just want you to get on with it, without disturbing my day with a call.

That’s ok.

Maybe you’re in a different time zone, or we’ve worked together before?

Instead of a wrap-up call, I can send a video that walks you through your new asset.

You can share this video with your team.

How do you deliver my copy project?

Google docs. Simple. You can edit, copy, paste or share.

Got other questions?

Book a free 30 minute call to chat.

One Day Copy is best for you if …

You’ve been in business for at least a year or two, and have a proven concept or service.

You want to tick one big copy asset off your to-do list.

You want to refresh a crucial piece of copy.

You’re considering a bigger project, like a full web copy rewrite, but want to test the water first.

You’ve read all the way to the bottom, so that makes me think we should take things further …

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What a genius you are – you have the soul of a poet and the brain of a scientist – plus decades of real expertise that make it seem effortless.

– Jessica Cadzow-Collins, Founder & Creative Director

Sue makes it really easy – she took all the waffle out of my head and turned it into copy that sounds professional and also super clear, exciting and true to what I do.

– Isabel Lydall, Founder