Coral interiors: how to style Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

Pantone recently announced their Colour of the Year for 2019, and it’s called Living Coral. But can coral interiors really work easily indoors? 

Living Coral has a lovely pinkish-gold tinge. If the colour has caught your eye, then read on to find out how to make it work in your interiors.

Coral interiors, really?

First of all, I’m really sceptical about these announcements of colour trends. But this one made my interior design antennae perk up. 

While I was reading about it, I spotted a bird in the garden. It had lovely coral feathers. A quick bit of finch research, and I landed on the perfect colour palette for coral interiors.

So here’s how to add coral to your interior –

Use the bullfinch rule!

Bear with me …

Roomy Home coral interiors Pinterest image


How to use the bullfinch rule …

Firstly, coral is a great addition to a fairly neutral colour palette. It’s an earthy, peachy alternative to pink. Similarly, it’s also great with warm metallics.

Look at the bullfinch for proof –

Bullfinch Roomy Home coral colour inspo portrait image
Use the bullfinch for the perfect coral interiors colour palette

Black (or grey or navy) and white, plus a splash of coral, does something magic together.

Now think about the bullfinch in its natural setting. You’ll also see an example of how the same colours work well with green.

So if it works for the bullfinch, it’ll work in your interior.

Another example of the perfect bullfinch interiors palette is this ceiling at Blenheim Palace. Warm neutrals with a splash of coral. #RoomyHomeGoals

Roomy Home coral colour inspo Blenheim Palace siora unsplash portrait
Pale coral with grey ceiling at Blenheim Palace, pic Unsplash

Snowy sunset styling

Another useful image to keep in mind when styling coral interiors is winter evening skies, with a smattering of snow. That sunset in the pic below shows again exactly how a coral accent can add so much to a fairly neutral colour scheme.


Use coral as an accent

Here’s our best advice if you don’t want to overdo it. Stick to adding coral to dark neutrals.

Use it sparingly. It’s a strong tone and definitely needs tamed by a backdrop. This coral velvet cushion is just enough to pick up the colour, without being too busy.

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You could get a similar effect with this coral velvet cushion.

AUDENZA, Embroidered Velvet Palm Tree Cushion £46 Each, 2133594
Coral embroidered velvet palm tree cushion, Audenza £46

Maybe this beautiful textured one in (you’ve guessed it!) bullfinch tones?

H & M textured cushion coral interiors Roomy Home
Coral textured cushion, H & M Home £17.99

I love this coral velvet bedspread. It’s got a print on the reverse. I can just picture it providing the only accent in a dark walled bedroom. Bullfinch on Downpipe! (dark grey paint colour from Farrow & Ball)

Or in a soft white bedroom with dark grey woodwork.

Graham and Green coral velvet quilt
Coral velvet quilt, Graham & Green

This sweet armchair would also be the the perfect coral foil to dark neutrals. See how great it looks against dark blue.

How stunning is this coral ostrich feather floor lamp from Sweetpea & Willow? Coral with a touch of gold, and everything else black and grey.

A Modern Grand Tour - Coral - Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp - Gold Base Sweetpea and Willow
Coral ostrich feather floor lamp, Sweetpea & Willow


If you’ve enjoyed using pink in your home decor lately, just think about adding splashes of coral in the same way.

Work it like pink

The colour also works well with marble or rough luxe concrete.

Coral tones work well with simple, elegant marble finishes 

This living area makes the most of very pale coral teamed with neutrals, wood and earthy green.

While here’s one at the stronger end of the scale. This vibrant Moroccan interior is all about deep earthy coral, with an otherwise totally monochrome palette and lots of greenery.

coral Moroccan interior with greenery
Deep coral Moroccan interior, pic Unsplash

Likewise this facade of earthy neutrals, with an added natural rainbow of floral colour.


Add a little greenery

There’s always room for plenty of greenery with coral too. Just think back to the inspiration of the bullfinch in its natural setting.

How amazing is this monochrome entrance hall with coral door, and abundant greenery? 


Want more coral interiors inspiration?

You’ll find lots more coral interiors on our Pinterest board.

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