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Does your front door say welcome loud enough?

Your home’s front facade is your first chance to make an impression – whether you’re trying to welcome visitors or attract buyers, how do you create that kerb appeal?

Wooden front door of new house
No mistaking the front door of this new house by McCann Moore Architects.

Look at what you’ve got already. The majority of houses have a visible, obvious front door. Having said that, some front doors are so tucked away or underwhelming that it’s not obvious to visitors how to announce their arrival.

Give it some presence

First things first – make sure it’s obvious where your front door is. The design of most houses draws the eye to the entrance, but if not, you might need to add some visual allure as a pointer.

Here are some tips to improve the look of your front door –

Pave the way

Use a path. You’re already subject to this marketing trick in shops – a distinct path draws you to your destination. Path design can vary hugely, but it’s important that it acts as a pointer towards your front door.

Your path may be all geometric lines, or a ragged route edged with tumbling flowers – either way, it’s got to signal the route.

Change it

Beyond cosmetic changes, you could change your front door or reshape the entrance. If so, always consult the professionals to ensure your structure can support a replacement door or windows.

Door choice is huge. So are plenty of doors! An upsized door has real impact – look at some of the contemporary pivot doors. Double doors also make a big style statement, although bear in mind the scale relative to the size of your house.

The best glazing option can give you light and security. You want to be able to see out when visitors arrive. You may also want to tantalise with a glimpse of what lies beyond the front door.

Wooden front door by Urban Front with oversized glazing
Sorrento oak front door by Urban Front with oversized frameless glazing

Light it up

Yes, light up your path, if you’ve got one, and your front door. Not only an effective security feature, a well-lit porch looks more welcoming.

The staggered wall on this new build leads the eye on a diagonal towards the front entrance. Big impact for relatively little cost!

Staggered lit wall leading to front door
Staggered lit wall leading towards front entrance of new house by McCann Moore Architects.


Frame the front

It’s easy to do with planters, or you could think about a quirky sculptural feature, trellises or a big basket of logs. If you’re feeling formal, then aim for symmetry on either side of the door. Otherwise, a cluster of planters at varying heights set off to one side is just as effective, and looks more relaxed. Go as big as you dare with the planters.

Front door planters
Three colourful planters at different heights. Image Roomy Home.

Add some colour

Bet you’ve pored over the paint charts for your interior, but what about your colour choice outdoors? Your safest bet here is playing it reasonably safe with a traditional colour, then adding vibrant plants or flowers. A striking colour can also look great on doors. It’s reasonably easy to change if you tire of it, and it’s worth giving your door a fresh coat of paint every now and then to keep it looking smart.

Think about door hardware

Well-chosen numbers, a bell or door knocker can all add some style to your first impression.

Bring some indoors out

Think about an outdoor rug, or at least a smart doormat.

The ultimate design planning – co-ordinate your front door with your pet!

This bronze door by architects’ favourite Urban Front has got to be the most perfectly planned welcoming entrance. Supersized bronze door, plus diminutive copper-toned dog, equals entrancing!

Oversized bronze door by Urban Front
Oversized bronze door by Urban Front

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