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How to make a DIY padded headboard in less than an hour

In this post, we’ll show you how to make a DIY padded headboard in less than an hour. You need virtually no DIY skills or expensive equipment, just a bed that you’re tired of, some padding, your choice of covering and a staple gun. Also around an hour of your time.

To put this project in context, I’m a reluctant, impulsive and very impatient DIYer. I want an instant room refresh that doesn’t take hours of painstaking work. Also, I don’t want to spend too much on the materials, just in case it all goes horribly wrong. If this sounds like you too, then this is a perfect project offering speedy gratification! Cheap, quick, and you end up with a headboard that screams Chalet Chic (if you use a fleecy/faux fur throw as I did).

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DIY padded headboard – here’s what you need

  • A bedstead
  • Staple gun
  • Two cheap single duvets
  • Fleecy blanket or other covering of your choice


How to make a DIY padded headboard equipment
Fleecy blanket Dunelm £25, 2 single duvets Ikea £3 each and a staple gun. Apart from the bed, that’s all you need!


DIY padded headboard – getting started

The bed I transformed was a cheap and cheerful Ikea Malm bedframe. Nothing wrong with it, but to me it says student halls instead of boho luxe. Having dragged it away from the wall, here’s how it looked to start with.

How to make a DIY padded headboard existing Ikea Malm bed
Ikea Malm bedframe pre-transformation – inoffensive but boring

Taking the first of your cheapy single duvets (seriously £3 each at Ikea!), drape it lengthwise over the bed head. You’ll end up with some overspill duvet over the back and a bit of an overlap at the sides. A thinner duvet is better, as it’s easier to get the staples through. Staple-gun along the length of the duvet at the front – if you do this along the edge of the duvet close to where the slats meet the headboard, you’ll not feel any staples once the mattress goes back on.

Once the front is attached, pull the duvet taut at the back and staple gun to the back of the headboard. Then fold neat corners and staple gun the duvet that’s hanging out the side to the back of the headboard – a bit like wrapping a present.


How to make a DIY padded headboard Ikea duvet padding
Headboard with duvets attached by staple gun. Looks good at the front. Don’t ask to see the back please! 😉


Repeat exactly the same process with the second duvet. You’ll be covering the duvet with your blanket/fabric, so don’t worry too much about neatness. I didn’t!


DIY padded headboard – the cover

Once you’re happy that both duvets are attached securely, get to work on your covering. The fleecy throw I used was quite a bit bigger than I needed. I used the Large marled charcoal Teddy Bear throw from Dunelm (£25), but you can freestyle on this – velvet, faux fur … whatever … go mad.

I just draped the throw over the headboard and cut it with a very generous overlap at the top and sides – enough to cover any shoddy duvet stapling that had taken place at the back. Because it’s edged already, you don’t need to do anything clever on the front – just staple-gun it over the padding so that it covers the duvets by a couple of centimetres. Then pull the blanket taut over the back and staple-gun it to cover the duvet padding.

Repeat the present-wrapping action at the corners and staple-gun excess fabric to the back. Confession – mine looks very handmade at the back. You could do it neatly, if you’re inclined!


how to make a DIY padded headboard fleecy covering
The glamorous front view – the back’s another story …


The finished padded headboard – a thing of hygge beauty

This DIY headboard was an impulsive side-step during a refresh of the guest bedroom. The walls were still sporting the original white paint that went on when the house was built. The walls are now Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue – greenery, wood and dark botanical fabric looks great against it, as does the furry headboard.

How to make a DIY padded headboard finished
Finished fleecy hygge headboard – supersoft and a little bit boho.


DIY padded headboard – before and after

Without a doubt, this room would have lacked something special without this easy DIY update to the headboard. Which just shows that often it’s not the expensive re-styles that have the biggest impact.

How to make a DIY padded headboard dark walls bedroom refresh
Guest bedroom room refresh – Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue on the walls, fleecy headboard on the bed

I’ve got enough fleecy throw left to re-upholster a few chair seats or make cushions too. Total cost – around £30, plus one hour’s time. Might set the stopwatch if I try it again, and aim for less than 30 minutes. Think it’s doable!

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