How to give your kitchen some personality

Nolte neo chalet kitchen
Nolte Neo Chalet kitchen. For information, contact Northern Ireland’s Nolte dealer

The kitchen is almost everybody’s most-used room, so you’ll want to move it beyond bland to become a place that reflects your personality and how you live.

Firstly, the space has got to be practical, and this is where you need professional advice. The layout must function easily. Early on, think about storage space and preparation areas. Browsing kitchen showrooms helps hugely at this stage – you’ll spot lots of ideas to mull over. Pinterest is great too – check out Roomy Home’s kitchen inspiration board.

Right now, deep storage drawers are really popular. They’re much more useable than cupboards with shelves. Pull-out larders are also totally practical storage solutions, making the most of cupboard space.

Now is the time to think about some more mundane questions too, like have you allowed space for a bin near your sink?

Make a decision about your budget early on, and stick to it. It’ll probably mean a few compromises – lucky you if not!

Spend or save?

So what’s worth a bigger spend, and what can you potentially save on? Surprisingly, many elements of a kitchen only require careful thought, instead of an extravagant budget. The balance is up to you, but spend enough to ensure that the cabinetry has good quality, smooth-running mechanisms, hinges and rails and that the basic build quality is good. If it looks great, but feels flimsy, you’ll regret it in the end, and end up replacing it sooner. It’ll really affect your kitchen’s luxury feel and durability.

Hardware and appliances

Go all out on hardware like handles and pulls. A stylish choice here can elevate your cabinets from “nothing special” to elegantly sleek or fabulously ornate, and it’s a relatively cheap investment.

Same with appliances. Carefully chosen co-ordinating appliances whisper elegance. If you invest a bit extra here, a splurge like a built-in coffee machine can upscale your kitchen into the luxury bracket! Sideboard with integrated coffee machine anyone? Yes please, mine’s a double espresso!

Wolf integrated offee machine
Black coffee system from Wolf

Lighten up

Remember your lighting. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just needs to be well-planned, so consult your architect early on. Good lighting can really set the mood. Even a beautiful kitchen can look clinical and cold in poor light. Plenty of task lighting is essential, but a bit of variation works well too. A quirky statement light injects personality into a safer style of kitchen, and is much easier to change than the latest cabinet colour.

The glass pendants in this sleek kitchen catch the light and the eye, adding glamour to understated, elegant fixtures. For serious kitchen inspiration, check out location specialist Shoot Factory’s Instagram here – it’s crammed with picture-perfect interiors like this one.

Glass pendant lights in black and white kitchen
Monochrome kitchen with glass pendant lights via Shoot Factory

Blur the boundary

The boundary between indoor and outdoor that is. Herbs on the window sill, indoor plants, or some colourful pots just outside the garden door or window. These pep up your space and lift the cook’s spirits. It’s hard to overdose on natural greenery, so don’t hold back. You can always shift a few if your style veers too far into the forest!

Connect your kitchen with the outdoors. In the Northern hemisphere, that usually means clever glazing. You’ll not be sorry if you build in a view of the garden or beyond, so discuss this with your architect before you start.

Be bold

It’s YOUR kitchen, so don’t be afraid to inject some charisma! The easier and least risky method is with lighting, a bold splashback or rich paint colour, even a bit of artwork. These features are easy to adjust, and really make your kitchen stand out. Pick an element that makes you go “wow” when you walk in. You don’t need to overdo it!

This grey Shaker kitchen (by deVOL Kitchens) from Shoot Factory ticks so many boxes, from the parquet floor to that supersized island. It’s the detail that the eye rests on, like adding a fabulous piece of jewellery to an elegant dress. What’s the perfect flash of charm here? It’s the rattan armchair parked beside the steel glazing. Slightly unexpected, but totally flawless.

grey shaker kitchen herringbone wooden floor
Grey shaker kitchen via Shoot Factory

This Nolte kitchen is another great example – classic panelled cabinetry and sleek reflective surfaces but, to top it all, some clever styling. Imagine the space without the shiny rug, round white table top (in front of lots of straight lined shelving), and those two low-hung pendant lights. It’s a stunning kitchen at its bones, but those thoughtful details really lift it into luxury mode.

Nolte neo chalet kitchen
Nolte Neo Chalet kitchen. For information, contact McCann Moore Architects, Northern Ireland’s Nolte dealer.


Inspiration for your statement kitchen

If you’re planning a new kitchen, watch the hours fly by as you check out deVOL Kitchen’s Instagram here. We love this green kitchen. It’s full of interesting layers – a marble splash back that merges into a gallery shelf for some serious portraiture, substantial vintage furniture and a little dash of metallic shine.

green shaker kitchen marble splashback by Devol Kitchens
Green kitchen with a big personality by deVOL Kitchens


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