Instagram bio profile conversion to followers rate

3 simple ways to measure your Instagram bio conversion

If you’ve got an Instagram Business or Creator account, you’ll already be dazzled by all the data in your Insights. It’s hard to know where to start with it. One of the most useful pieces of data to track is your Instagram bio conversion rate.

What’s your Instagram bio conversion rate?

This will tell you how many visitors to your profile choose to hit the follow button.

Do you know the percentage of people who visit your profile then decide to press follow?

Most of us don’t track this data very often.

Regardless of the number, it’s a useful metric to key your eye on over time. You’ll be able to see the number of people who visit your profile too – arguably more useful than likes and comments on your posts.

I want to share this easy strategy with you.

Here’s a short (4 min) video to show you exactly how to work out your Instagram bio conversion rate.

Why bother tracking your Instagram bio conversion rate?

I’m not using this data to judge myself in comparison to anyone else (for a start, I’ve no idea what the average rate is). Neither should you.

I’m using it as a benchmark to continue to optimise my profile. And also to remind me whether time spent on Instagram gives a useful return on investment.

I’m also being totally transparent here about my numbers.

Right now my Instagram bio converts to followers at a rate of 25%.

3 people say no, 1 says yes. 

Instagram bio conversion rate percentage Virtual Gold Dust

Great, poor or somewhere in the middle?

Doesn’t matter!

More importantly, now I can measure improvement.

This isn’t about follower numbers.

It’s about maximising the hard work you do on your Instagram content.

It’s about making sure your hard-won reach is rewarded by more than a quick glance at your profile.

How to optimise your Instagram profile

I believe you can optimise short messages like your bio, so that visitors know exactly what you’re all about and choose to stick around.

By the way, if you’d like to know more about Instagram content that builds trust with potential customers, here’s why you should show your hands as well as your face on the grid.

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Instagram bios for business

If you’re looking for Instagram bio ideas for your business, here’s the perfect fast training for you.

You can learn how to makeover an Instagram bio in less than an hour.

This is a marketing course with a twist.

I’ll show you exactly how to makeover Instagram bios from a psychology slant, so that it’s more magnetic.

You could spend hours googling bio tips and studying the best examples for clues. You’ll have seen snippets of advice before about optimising your bio, but probably none with this psychology slant.

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