how to make your Instagram bio better

How to make your Instagram bio ideas more powerful

Your bio is like your shopfront on social media. It’s often the first thing that new audience members see. That means your Instagram bio ideas must work hard to communicate whether it’s worth sticking around.

In fact, your bio has just a few seconds to make an impact.

What makes a good bio on Instagram for business?

Instagram bio optimisation

Business doesn’t generally work to a formula, and neither does your bio.

However, you can follow a process to optimise your bio, step-by-step.

Instagram bio labelled with sections

Instagram bios: 3 recent updates for 2023

  • You can now add an avatar to your profile.
  • Select your chosen pronouns.
  • Add another link – to your Facebook page.

How can you tell if your bio isn’t optimal?

I’ve found a few telltale signs that your bio needs some love.

  • Your reach on Instagram is pretty steady (check your Insights) but your follower count doesn’t keep pace.
  • Your audience often asks questions about what you do, revealing confusion.
  • You ask someone who doesn’t know your business well to describe what you do, after a quick look at your bio. If enough people struggle, it’s not clear enough.

The kinds of mistakes I see in bios generally fall into one of two camps –

You can be either –

1 Unclear about the service/products you offer (this is no time to be coy).

2 Unclear about who these services/products are for. This is often linked to focusing on the wrong person. In other words, the bio says more about the business than the typical person it serves.

Instagram bio ideas: how long can your bio be?

The main section of your bio can be max 150 characters. Your display name can be 30 characters at the most.

You can edit your bio from within the mobile app. However, I recommend editing using a character counter tool online, then cutting and pasting it into your profile.

You’ll save time, instead of experimenting in the app.

You can also cut and paste the bio with line breaks, so viewers can scan it more easily.

Instagram bio ideas: how often should I change my bio?

I recommend settling on a bio and letting it sit for a few weeks.

Then you should refresh it every now and then (not the whole thing, but occasionally change parts of the wording).

Just note that you can only edit your display name twice in 14 days.

How to add new lines to your Instagram bio


Cut and paste it from another app.

You can write and format your bio in the Notes app on your phone.

Or use a character counter online and cut and paste from there.

You can also edit your profile, including your bio, in the desktop version of the Instagram app. In any case, this is often the best way to comment on other profiles. For most people, it’s so much quicker than typing in the mobile app.

What are Instagram bio links?

It’s link. Singular. Because you only get one link from your profile.

There is a workaround though, if you don’t want to keep swapping in and out your link for every new blog post/campaign.

You’ve got two options –

Link in Bio services, like Campsite for example. They hosts all your links together on one page.

You can also make a Links page in Canva.

Or publish a Links page on your own website.

Should I write my own bio?

You can definitely write your own Instagram bio. It’s a marketing DIY that many businesses can do solo. After all, who knows your business best?

What if your business is social media management or copywriting?

Then you can makeover bios for your clients.

It’s totally doable in one-hour ‘Power Hour’ type consultations. And in fact, a bio makeover is a great building block for new client work.

It’s a satisfying quick win for them and for you.

Plus it helps you get to know your client’s business quickly.

Complete tips for optimising Instagram bios.

My bio makeover cocktail has these ingredients –

  • Video course (bitesize videos, max 6 minutes per section)
  • Workbook (for detailed notes and refreshes)

To see more, here’s the link.

Key Instagram bio tips for skimmers

In a rush?

Here’s what you need to know about optimising your Instagram bio.

  • I can’t give you a formula – every business is different – but I can show you a step-by-step process that makes it easier.
  • Some telltale signs show you that your bio isn’t optimal yet.
  • You’ll find it quicker to makeover your bio outside the app, then cut and paste it in.
  • You get max 150 characters to make your main bio shine.
  • You can get a shortcut to a great bio makeover – it’s easy, repeatable, and you get personalised feedback from me. Here’s how.

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