Joanna Thornhill Instastyle review

Instastyle for your living space by Joanna Thornhill: book review

Instastyle for your Living Space covers creative styling tips for turning a temporary home (rental or short-term buy) into a budget-friendly space you’ll love.

It’s full of detailed projects, with easy-to-enact instructions. Because of this, none of the creative projects are too time or money-consuming.

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Style up your short-term space with the help of this interiors book


Who is Joanna Thornhill?

As well as being a writer, Joanna Thornhill is a freelance interior stylist.

She styles for various commercial clients and magazines, including Good Homes, Dulux and TK Maxx/Homesense.

Instastyle for your Living Space is her first book. It was released a few years ago, with the title Home for Now: making your rented flat or first home beautiful, and was inspired by Joanna’s own experience of renting. It’s been re-released in October 2018 under this new Instastyle title.


What’s in the Instastyle book?

The book contains images and tips from 15 real interiors, and each chapter covers a different area of the home.

The premise of Instastyle is that readers don’t have bags of money to style up their home, but might relish rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck into a creative project. Maybe repurposing some of the treasures they’ve got already…

The book promises quick styling fixes and they really do keep coming.

Instastyle Joanna Thornhill book review Roomy Home using chairs space saver
Great tips on using chairs as occasional furniture, even for storage.


What’s the Joanna Thornhill signature instastyle?

Generally, pretty eclectic, and full of personality.

The biggest takeaway from the book is that you should embrace eclectic in all its glory. This is because you can add to your interior as and when budget permits, and things don’t have to be too matchy.


What can interiors addicts learn from the book?

Instastyle is not just an interiors eye candy, coffee table book. You’ll find lots of practical tips inside. It’s all about the updates that can make your space feel special and unique.

The projects are heavy on imaginative touches, and light on budget. This is perfect if you’re nervous about investing too much money in your space. Or indeed if you’re a creative novice, and want to experiment without huge outlay for materials.

Each project comes with the promises that you need no specialist tools, sewing talent or in-depth DIY skills.

The quick techniques are easy to use at any stage in your home. Also they shouldn’t infringe any rental contracts, as they don’t involve major alterations.


What kind of interiors projects will you find inside?

I loved the step-by-step guides for the various creative projects.

There’s a real ingenuity to plenty of them. Here’s one easy fix as an example – place a mirror inside the recess of an used fireplace, instead of above it, to cast light around the room.

I particularly liked the results from the furniture that was spray-painted through lace. This created a really upmarket and original piece of furniture.

The DIY headboard was inspired too. We’ve got a post showing you how to create something similar in a very short space of time.

What if you can’t hang pictures? Thornhill shows you that’s no problem, with some great tips on how to hang your art, postcards, paper treasures without using a hammer.

You’ll also find out how to use styling props to add life to a space. As a result, you’ll never throw out an old wooden crate or a champagne cork again!

Instastyle Joanna Thornhill book review Roomy Home dark walls framed portrait
Great reuse of old frames for big impact – love the quirky small portrait in the bigger frame. And of course the inky walls!


Need a copy now?

If you’re living in a rental property or a ‘home for now’ and want to style up your space without a huge investment, this is a great choice for valuable tips.

Instastyle for your living space by Joanna Thornhill (£9.99, CICO Books).

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Insta-style for your living space by Joanna Thornhill, Amazon £9.99


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