La Redoute – latest finds for homes at 40% off

La Redoute is a great place for online interiors shopping – I’ve picked up many gems there over the years.

The French brand is excellent at translating elegant interior trends into high quality, well-priced pieces.

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The good news is that their Black Friday sale is on right now, so you can get 40% off everything on their website, just by using the code BLACKFRIDAY



Why shop at La Redoute home?

If La Redoute isn’t on your radar yet for interiors shopping, it really should be. It’s the brand that launched the insta-famous Berber rug. You know, the one that now has its own Instagram account! I must admit to being the proud owner of one of these Afaw Berber rugs. The quality is good, it’s a great size, and I was lucky enough to buy it when it was in the sale.

The rug is still available, and you could snag it, or any of these items, at 40% off at the minute.

La Redoute Afaw Berber rug styled Roomy Home
That rug! La Redoute’s Afaw Berber rug with its own Instagram account.

Another sale bargain from La Redoute was this coloured glass side table. It really catches the light and the brass top appeals to my magpie tendency. They’ve a pretty good range of side tables online, with lots of lovely metallics and solid woods.

La Redoute green glass side table brass top Roomy Home
Glass side table with brass top, oh and spot that La Redoute rug again in the background!


Within the site there are plenty of brand names. When it comes to interiors, the brand I’m most drawn to is AM.PM – click here to see their products.

I’ve recently bought a solid wood stool from AM.PM at La Redoute, and it didn’t disappoint. Useful as spare seating, or as a small bedside table. Or even beside the bath, which was the buying intention. It’s really heavy, good quality and looks great.


La Redoute AMPM solid wood stool styled Roomy Home
AMPM solid wood stool from La Redoute.

Latest furniture picks at La Redoute

I love this solid wood bench.

Every entrance hall needs a versatile seat like this. And it could do double-duty at your dining table, when you need some extra seating.


Nateo hallway bench solid oak La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Nateo solid wood hallway bench, click for similar


Speaking of doubling up, we’ve almost all got spaces in our homes that need to serve several purposes. I’ve found a piece of furniture that can be a desk, storage option and, if dressed up with a bit of greenery and some stylish props, a room divider for an open plan space.

The Hiba range at La Redoute has really nailed this industrial style. This storage desk would work well in a spare room, kids bedroom, or even in a studio-style living area.


Hiba industrial solid oak desk shelving unit black wood La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Hiba solid oak desk


You could stow this magazine rack away beside it, and add even more stylish storage to your space.


Hiba magazine rack La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Hiba magazine rack


The curvy lines of this marble coffee table remind me of a surf board. The antique brass legs are a lovely finishing touch. Better than that, this is a great table for a small or awkwardly-shaped living area. The shape lends itself to a thinner room, and the fine legs leave lots of visual space around the table – where you can see plenty of floor, the room will look bigger and less cluttered.

Adelong coffee table AMPM La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Marble and brass coffee table

Take a seat

Texture can really ground your interior, and this lovely armchair could go anywhere.

It’s called a garden chair, but I would happily put this in a living area or bedroom, where it would add some boho styling.


Albertine natural rattan chair La Redoute curated Roomy Home UK
Albertine rattan chair

Finishing touches

Antique mirror, or foxed glass, looks so elegant. This little oval mirror is your perfect low-key introduction to the trend.

Tikka bevelled oval antique mirror La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Tikka bevelled oval antique mirror


And for a little bit more texture, I’d recommend a Berber-style cushion like this one.

It’s monochrome, so will happily sit beside any colour you’ve got already. Again it’s from the AM.PM brand.


Audren Berber style cushion cover, click for similar


I’m ready to snap up this rather lovely marble shelf for a seasonal shelfie.

Fitia metal and marble shelf La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Fitia metal and marble shelf



And finally you may well fall for this elegant tray. It’s a great size, at 45cm diameter.

I’m thinking its going to look great on a wood or brass table, with a candle and a little bloom on it.

Blue Pinctada tray La Redoute curated Roomy Home
Blue Pinctada tray


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