Laptop table best buys

Introducing my shortlist of laptop table best buys.

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Why do you need a laptop table?

I’ve been working from home for years. My “office” changes places.

Sometimes the kitchen table, sometimes a desk.

But during lockdown, I’m just one of five people working and studying from home. So I’ve ended up working more from the sofa.

Rather than continuing to balance my laptop on my knee (or often on a large hardback book), I thought my neck and shoulders would thank me for choosing a slightly more permanent base.

I also needed another side table by the sofa, so planned to double-up.

How to choose a laptop table

If you want something that’s easy to move and serves more than one purpose, choose between a tray and a table.

Laptop trays

Some laptop trays fold for easy storage.

They can also be multipurpose.

If you’re searching online, many are labelled breakfast tray or bed tray.

A tray is also easier than a table to move from room to room.


Sofa tables are obviously bulkier, but there’s more choice. They also tend to look more like a piece of furniture.

You can use a sofa table as a side table, when not using it for work.

Check the table height with the sofa/armchair you use most often.

You might want some surface space to rest your forearms. Maybe space for your coffee cup too?

Laptop trays best buys

I love supporting small business and makers. So let’s start with Etsy.

This tray is practical and looks good. The makers also offer the option to customise the tray to suit your own needs.

  • Easy to move.
  • Handmade in UK from solid oak.
  • Mousepad and space for phone.
  • Two sizes, medium and large.
  • Free UK delivery.
etsy laptop table
Oak laptop tray, Etsy from £67.50

Now for two folding trays. Both are easy to store and move around the house.

These trays are multipurpose – they can be used for meals. The trade-off with that is that both have a slight lip around the edge, which may or may not suit you.

Let’s look at this wooden one from Habitat.

  • Folds flat.
  • Made from solid oak.
  • Other finishes available.
Walnut folding breakfast tray, Habitat £30

I really like the look of this Sagaform tray. It’s a little bit pricier than the similarly-sized Habitat one.

  • Folds flat.
  • Made from oak.
oak bed tray
Sagaform oak bed tray from Nordic Nest, £78

How to choose a laptop table

A laptop table obviously takes up more space than a tray, but if you choose carefully you can find a hardworking multi-taster.

Your best bet is to choose a table with an L-shaped base. That means you can tuck the base under the sofa or armchair as you work.

Then they also double up as side tables in your living area. Perfect for drinks or a plant when you’re not working.

Just measure the table height carefully and compare it to a sitting position on your sofa or chair of choice. Make sure it feels like a comfortable height to type at.

There’s no “best” height for a laptop table. It totally depends on the height of your sofa! So measure before you order.

I’ve picked out three for you. They’re all pretty budget-friendly, with two coming in at less than £100, and the third a shade under £200.

This is the Hiba side table, from La Redoute (currently reduced).

It’s part of their range of well-priced industrial style furniture.

  • Made from solid oak and steel.
  • Sturdy with clean lines.
  • 63cm high.
La redoute industrial laptop table
Hiba side table, La Redoute £64.35

I also love this marble sofa table. Yes, it’s the priciest of the bunch, but it’s still not bad for a small marble table.

  • Made from real marble and metal.
  • Looks good in virtually any interior style.
  • Other furniture in the range.
  • Height 65cm.
marble laptop table
Marble sofa table, Cult Furniture £199

Maybe you like the marble look, but need a cost-effective alternative?

Take a look at this side table from Wayfair.

It’s a similar style to the one above, but this time it’s not made from natural stone.

  • Manufactured wood, dressed up as marble.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 66cm high.
wayfair laptop table
Scarlett side table, Wayfair £55.99

My best buy

What’s your favourite?

I’ve already weighed it up. For me the best option was the Scarlett side table by Wayfair.

It struck a balance between functional and pretty. I chose the gold frame and “marble” top (not real stone). Delivery was really fast (less than 48 hours). There’s some adjustment in the feet, although mine seems to need quite frequent tweaks to stop it wobbling.

It’s a decent height for working at the sofa. When I’m not working, I’d be happy to use it as a side table. The surface has enough space for my laptop and a coffee.

I have really put my money where my mouth is, as I’ve ordered interior products from Wayfair multiple times.

This is not a sponsored or gifted recommendation. I’m genuinely impressed with their service and range.

I warn you though that browsing their website is a total rabbit hole. Far better to search for exactly what you’re looking for – the range is enormous.

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