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Smart messaging for brand photography expert: case study

When we connected, Donna Green had been in business for a few years as a brand photography specialist. This is a case study about how messaging for brand photography can boost your business.

Donna’s photography business was growing. She had a fantastic website, where she blogged and marketed her services successfully.

Donna offers vibrant, natural headshots and brand photography for mainly service-based women.

However she was keen to tighten up her messaging, so that creating consistent, client-attracting content was easier.

Case study: Donna Green Brand Photography

How did we work together?

Donna booked my Gold Dust Messaging package.

It’s a one-to-one, ‘done for you’ messaging strategy and copywriting service. Over the course of a month, we had weekly zoom calls where we ironed out Donna’s marketing goals and strategy.

By the end of the project, I had researched, written, tweaked and edited five key pieces of messaging content for Donna’s business –

  • Core message
  • Mantra
  • Elevator pitch
  • Content pillars
  • Talking points

What results can photographers get from stronger, clearer messaging?

Donna’s copy and content is now more aligned with her marketing strategy.

Now this is Donna’s new mantra for marketing brand photography that actually SELLS stuff for her clients –

“My camera adds the pounds you’ll never regret.”

Immediately, Donna was able to practise her new elevator pitch in several networking meetings.

And the response? It was really well received as a stand-out way of understanding the sales benefits of brand photography.

Next, Donna was able to repurpose this elevator pitch to refresh her social media bios too.

screenshot of Donna Green Brand Photographer's LinkedIn profile using her new messaging strategy

And now Donna feels calm, focused and in control of her content, because her messaging is smart. She also confessed to feeling very relieved that all the strategic thinking has been done.

Here’s why messaging for brand photography works

I couldn’t express this advice better than Donna herself –

“Do it! And do it before you do anything else like content strategy, content planning, graphic design, visual branding etc. Messaging underpins all that. And the chances are, most people can’t REALLY do this properly themselves – they’re too close to it.

Donna Green Brand Photographer

Google review of Sue at Virtual Gold Dust: messaging for brand photography

Here’s what Donna said after we worked together.

Find out more about Donna Green Brand Photography

Donna is incredibly smart and strategic about making brand photoshoots work hard for her clients.

As a result, every shoot is methodically planned, so her clients make the most of their investment.

Donna understands how photography fits within a marketing strategy. She knows how to create a portfolio of images that help business owners sell.

Donna Green, Brand Photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland.