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You know exactly what to say about your work when you're in the spotlight. Your content pillars are all worked out.

Better than that - you've got all these talking points to open up business conversations, online or in real life.

"I went from feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of content & competing messages - now I feel much more in control, like I have a strategy for using my content in the right way.

Since working with Sue, I've reworked my website & saved tons of time with content."

Jen ClinehensJen ClinehensAuthor, Choice Hacking

Let's say you're marketing your own business.


Outcome doesn't always match effort, does it?


Sometimes it feels like the juice isn't worth the squeeze.


You want marketing to open doors for your business.


You’ve got notebooks full of ideas, but action happens in fits and starts. Often you don’t even know where to begin.


If YOU aren’t clear on the raw materials of your message, your potential customers haven’t a hope of focusing on them. They can’t even SEE them if you’re not consistent.

Every time you switch focus in your content, you water down your message. That’s confusing.


You need to talk about your message in a clear, persuasive way.


Clear, persuasive & repeatable.


That’s why it looks easy for some people to talk about their work. They’ve finessed their messaging magic. It’s catchy, repeatable & sticky as freshly squeezed juice.


Mastering your core messaging keeps you top of mind when potential customers decide to buy.


Because it’s easier to push an open door.



What happens when your messaging falls short?


You might end up dancing the SHORTCUT SHUFFLE. No judgement, I’ve done exactly the same in the past.


Looking for quicker ways to post or speedy routes to new ideas.


Chasing trends on social media.


Following other people’s marketing cheat sheets. 


Ironically, your search for shortcuts usually leads to more clutter. Have you noticed? 


More stuff to read, freebies to download, podcasts to listen to.


If you’re stuck dancing the shortcut shuffle, you could end up creating ambient content that just shadows someone else’s ideas. Adding to the background noise online.


Here’s my take on the problem. It’s not what you think.


It’s tempting to overcomplicate things by ignoring the most important shortcuts of all.


The SHORTCUTS that all our brains take during buying decisions.


That’s the knowledge to build your gold dust messaging on. Discover your clients’ mental shortcuts and everything becomes much simpler.


As a marketer, when I started learning about psychology and customer behaviour, it changed everything.


If you switch focus to what's going on in your customers' brains, you can influence how those buying decisions get made. I can help you APPLY the psychology to your unique message.


When we work together, I promise we'll have lightbulb moments.


And when you MEET YOUR MESSAGE, you'll feel like an heirloom rose in a garden of weeds and daisies.


THIS is where you start.


With short messages. These are the raw materials of your cashmere-coated content.


Figuring out your messaging turns up the volume of your voice.


And you'll feel more comfortable marketing your business, because it all fits better together.

What you get

Core message

Collagen for your content.


The foundation of ALL your marketing comms. 


Without this, confusion reigns.


With it, everything that follows becomes SO MUCH SMOOTHER.


Your message, but with muscles.


Here's mine - 'It's easier to push an open door'.


What memorable words do you have on repeat that sum up what you're all about?

Elevator pitch

Yes, you need this for a formal pitch. But what about when someone casually asks what you do?


Do you know how to explain this easily AND make them curious to know more?

Content pillars & talking points

These give you talking points for easy, flowing conversations about your work.


And help you engage with relevant, pithy comments because you know your conversation starters.

Elevator pitch
Content themes & talking points

Find out more

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What's this Gold Dust Messaging Intensive?

It's a 'done for you' service. 


We spend 4 weeks together (virtually) working on your message.


You get me beside you on your marketing team for all that time. I do all the heavy-lifting. You just talk. I'll create your magic message.

How it works

  • We talk on your free 30 min call, to see where you are right now with your message.
  • We arrange 4 hours of calls, spaced over 4 weeks. 
  • During our calls, we work together 1:1, to get your message sorted.
  • We create your core message, mantra, elevator pitch, content pillars & talking points. Don't worry, I'll do the heavy lifting here. You don't need to lift a pen!
  • As well as our calls, you get voice message/email support throughout the 4 weeks, so you're in the best place to take action on your marketing.

Perfect for you if

  • You do your own marketing and need fresh eyes, because you're not sure it's working hard enough for you.
  • All the thought you've given to your ideal customer hasn't helped you connect with your audience deeply.
  • You stumble over the words to explain your magic to others.
  • You neglect your own marketing because you're busy doing client work.

You're ready to UNCOVER a juicy message that opens doors for you.

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

What are your BUTS?

I want to hand it all over to you

Do you really? I mean, that can be arranged. We could just have a briefing meeting & I'll write it for you. But psychology shows that we value more deeply the things we co-create (it's called the Ikea Effect).


You'll have me on your shoulder, with my 21+ years of experience, as we work out your message together. I'll do the heavy lifting. We talk, I write. Make no mistake, this is a high-value 'done for you' service. But you're involved every step of the way. You just don't need to lift a pen.

I can't afford it

Talk to me about a payment plan, if that would help. Otherwise, stick around as your business grows and rinse my freebies!


Sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on social. I share tips about working on this on your own. You can do more than you think.

I'm undecided

I get it. That's what the free call is for.


We chat. You decide if you want to move forward.

Why Virtual Gold Dust?

I'm Sue Moore, founder of Virtual Gold Dust.


I've got 21+ years experience in marketing and copywriting. I'm ready to share the gems with you.


My expertise focuses on that sweet spot where your content becomes magnetic to your people.


That's because my North Star is the psychology of persuasion.

Gold Dust Messaging

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(payment plans available)

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"Sue makes it really easy - she took all the waffle out of my head and turned it into copy that sounds professional and also super clear, exciting and true to what I do."

Isabel LydallIsabel LydallCuriosity & Clarity