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Floating until further notice – homes with pools

Let’s get one thing straight – we don’t think we want a pool. Roomy Home HQ is in Ireland, where you can wade through your garden almost every day of the year. No pool needed, thanks.

However. There’s something undeniably uplifting about looking at fab homes with pools on a rainy day. These beauties have got our minds shifting to balmy days, canopied daybeds and cool drinks.

So Roomy Home is dipping a virtual toe in these! Feel free to recline with your (also imaginary) Mojito and enjoy … we’ll be doing a global pool tour, with stop-offs in Canada, Brazil, Morocco and South Africa, before winding up in the UK.

Read on and join us – we’ll be floating until further notice …

What about this Canadian paradise designed by Natalie Dionne Architecture? Maison T in Sutton, Canada, won the Grand Prix du Design in 2013.

Modern House with pool Maison T by Natalie Dionne Architecture
Maison T by Natalie Dionne Architecture. Image Marc Cramer.

Don’t you love how the trees tower over and give shape to the pool? The surrounding woodland gives the house some dizzying verticality. Meanwhile the long, lean horizontal lines of the pool bring you back to earth. Not with a bump, but a splash!

See more of this stunning house and garden here on the architect’s website.

Now for a quick length across the ocean to South Africa, to SAOTA’s Beachyhead house in Plettenberg Bay. That stunning stone staircase to the pool terrace looks like it’s been hewn from a cliff. There’s something soothing about the sandy colour of the timbered deck and façade. It’s too sharply elegant to look like driftwood, but the natural textures and beachy colours of sand, blue and green are perfectly planned.

Check out the bottom left of this image for the sunken conversation pit, no doubt with uninterrupted views over the beach. See more of this and other dream homes by SAOTO by clicking here.

Modern house with pool by Saota Architects Beachyhead South Africa
Pool at Beachyhead home by SAOTA Architects in South Africa. Image Adam Letch.


This stunning glass pool in Manaus, Brazil, by Vipe Arquitetura reminds us of a (very sophisticated) clear Lego brick. What do you think of all those sharp angles and interesting horizontal layers at this house? You can see more of Vipe Arquitetura’s amazing homes on Instagram @vipe_arquitetura or on their website here.

Modern house with glass pool
Residencia DR in Brazil by Vipe Arquitetura.


And if the weather was to take a little turn for the worse, what about this indoor/outdoor beauty? You can actually stay in this house, and recline on a real daybed with a non-imaginary cocktail. It’s just one dainty step from dining to dipping (careful if you tilt your chair back at the table!). The steel glazed dining area is beautifully softened by the billowy curtains.

Indoor outdoor pool in holiday villa
The Modern House is the letting agent for this Moroccan holiday villa in Dar Amizmiz, Marrakech.

Check out the full villa listing here on The Modern House – the pool terrace is magnificent, as is the rest of the house. You’ll not be surprised to find that the architect, Imaad Rahmouni, is a former colleague of Philippe Starck. There’s plenty of polished concrete, rough hewn timber, a hidden courtyard and two acres of garden including a tennis court. Plus views of the Atlas Mountains.

Oh and the other side of that indoor pool has an supersized open fireplace. Now where did we put our passports?

And here’s proof you can dip in style in the UK too. How gorgeous is this shaped pool nestled in a sunken lawn? This one’s all about celebrating the curves – shapely lawn and oval pool with a circular deck. If we’re not mistaken, that oversized rattan chair on the deck is on some kind of Lazy Susan contraption, meaning that you can turn 360 degrees while you lounge, like a human weather vane.

Architecture really should feature more upscaled tableware. Perfection on a plate, when you become a rotating human dip. The Borrowers take a trip to Soho House!

Curved swimming pool sunken lawn
Curvy swimming pool in sunken lawn by Letts Swimming Pools Suffolk.


Check out more amazing homes with pools on Roomy Home’s Pinterest board here.



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