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How to create persuasive marketing photos using your hands

It’s easier to trust people if you can see their hands. They’re vital for persuasive marketing photos.

That’s why brands, creatives, solopreneur marketers and copywriters should all include hands in their images.

In other words, think of your hands as having a language all of their own and include them in your brand visuals.

They can communicate for your business just as well as any words.

I’m Sue Moore, UK copywriter and marketing psychology specialist.

Let’s dive into why hands should feature in your brand photos.

Hands, body language & the psychology of persuasion

Body language experts talk about “palm displays” as signs of honesty.

In fact, the phrase “above board” (meaning honest or legal) originally meant to keep your hands above the table (board). How do I know this? I listen to Susie Dent and Giles Brandreth’s podcast Something Rhymes with Purple, which is all about words and their origin. Highly recommend.

Firstly, we display our open hands to show that we’re not a threat.

Unless you’re an expert yourself, you display and read these body signals instinctively. Your online audience will use their instincts too when they see your content.

Here’s a simple takeaway to remember – open hands on display are a sign of honesty and friendliness.

In other words, open hands say “I mean you no harm and I’m telling you the truth.”

Persuasive marketing photos tip #1: hand us your product

We’re also drawn to products offered to us in an open hand.

That’s because we’re inclined to take what is “handed” to us.

Something to think about for your photographs? 

Take pictures with your product in your hands.

Or find an item that can symbolise the service you offer. For example, a copywriter could hold a pen or notebook.

Your hands are a great practical prop for smaller items that signify the service you offer.

And the practical benefit of using hands in your photos? Hands are versatile props. You can easily move them to the best light, or shoot inside or outdoors. ⠀

Persuasive marketing photos tip #2: show open hands

For solopreneurs and personal brands, using an open hand in photographs is a great first step to get over any nervousness about being visible online.

Personal brands & the psychology of persuasion

Hands personalise your service business.

So try some shots showing your open palms.

Or shoot from above to see your hands at work, so the viewer feels connected to them.

Creatives should include hand photos to reinforce that their projects are “handmade”. 

In the same way, service businesses can also use hands in their photos to suggest approachability and connection.

Persuasive marketing photos: hands images

I’ve curated a hands gallery on Unsplash. You can use and modify these free stock photos to build connections with your audience.

Explore my curated collection on Unsplash here.

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