Midlife women: you’re 5 days away from confident, strategic messaging and a brand new business tagline (so you can market yourself boldly)

I’m ready to get my tagline now

Dear midlife woman thirsting after a business that supports your dreams.

Does your messaging feel a little (or a lot) messy?

Summing up your magic in one line is 100x harder than on a whole page. It shouldn’t be true, but it is. 


Because it needs deep, strategic clarity.

(Well, it also needs readability, brevity, precision, maybe even a touch of wit. )

But first of all, it needs clarity.

Messy messaging is the biggest problem for most of my clients, whether they’re a global B2B or a solopreneur. Before we work together, it’s not clear from their words what they’ve got to offer.

Does that sound like you? If so, how would it feel to have this?

A brand new tagline and clear, strategic messaging by the end of the week

If you’re a midlife woman who’s ready to go business-big, but feels like their thoughts and plans are running in every direction right now, this is for you.


You’ve got skills & courage, plus adventures ahead

Here’s what I know for certain about midlife women entrepreneurs and business owners like you (and me).

You’ve got more skills and courage than you sometimes think.

You’re a veteran of life itself.

You’ve got intellectual property FFS.

You shouldn’t feel apologetic about wanting to make serious money.

You’ve done something already that most people never do. Generated income all by yourself, without relying on an employer to pay you. That’s big. You should feel proud.

The best is yet to come.

Cut the fluff & get clear about what you offer in your tagline

Have you got a sneaking suspicion that your messaging isn’t doing justice to your awesomeness?

Clear messaging gives you a real competitive advantage. It sets you apart from other people with similar offers. It helps the right clients reach out to you.

If you can sum up your business in one line, life gets a whole lot simpler.

Yes, you

This service is for midlife women who are intent on building their business. 

There’s zero fluff on offer from me. You get tangible things – your tagline plus a summary of the strategy we discuss.

We will certainly not be ‘stepping into our power’ or any such sugar-frosted inscrutables. 

I’m a savvy copywriter and messaging strategist (with 21+ years of experience). I’m also another midlife woman like you, who can see strategy clearly, and gets occasionally enraged at the marketing messages aimed directly at us.

But that’s another story.

In 5 days time, you’ll have all this

A clear look at your positioning and messaging strategy on a 1:1 call with me. 

A recording of the call, plus a summary report on the strategic possibilities we discuss.

A one-liner that sums up what you offer.

So you can use your one-liner to write your web copy, craft your bio and explain your authority when you’ve got other people’s eyes on you.

Your new tagline in 5 steps

# Book and pay for your tagline project (by choosing a time for your messaging strategy call).

# I’ll send you a info-gathering form and meeting link ahead of our call. You tell me all about your business goals.

# We have a 90 minute messaging strategy call. Your insights and my ideas about your service, buyers and brand let me write the best tagline for your revenue goals. I’ll record the call for you, so you can revisit and take action.

# Your Tagline. I deliver your new tagline along with a video talkthrough, plus a summary of our strategy call. Turnaround time 5 business days.

# You go forth and make your own money using your new tagline and strategy.

Bring the Cha-ching

It’s going to cost a clear £495 all-in.

Book your 90-minute Strategy Call with me now and get ready to set your second half on fire. In the best way.

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about Sue Moore UK copywriter - Sue is pictured smiling sitting on steps outside in urban setting

Hello, I’m Sue Moore, Copywriter and Messaging Strategist.

Sue is in a league of her own. My go-to person for everything words, copy and editorial.

– Sheena Mason-White, Business Mentor

Think you’re going to Sue for just a tagline or a copy refresh? Think again. Sue will ask all the questions you need. Not only will you get killer copy but also clarity and confidence in what you’re offering.

– Rosie Wareham, CMO

Sue is fantastic. She takes the time to truly understand you, your values, and your offerings, so you can position yourself effectively in the market. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sue. Thank you for helping me figure out my niche and tagline.

– Sarah Gilbert, Digital Marketing Consultant

Of course you’ve got questions, you curious soul

Do I need to be available for anything but the messaging strategy call?

No, just the strategy call. I might email you with quick questions, which you can answer in your own time.

I need a full messaging strategy. Can you do that for me?

Of course. Check out my full service packages.

Is this the only way for us to work together?

No. I’ve got other services.

In fact, I mainly work on larger branding and web copy projects. I offer this cost-effective project to midlife women only, because I can. And I believe in you.

Who’s going to write my tagline?

Me (and only me). No sub-contractors or AI underlings.

How long will it take?

5 business days from the date of our strategy call. I’ll send your new tagline with a video talkthrough, plus the recording and summary of our strategy call.

What if I have questions once I’ve got my new tagline?

You’re welcome to email me with questions in the week following our project. We can tackle any tagline revisions in that time.

Got more questions?

Book a free 30 minute call to get answers.

The tagline strategy project is best for you if …

You’ve got a growing business, but never feel as though you can sum up your work clearly in one line.

You want to get the foundations of your persuasive messaging right, so you can attract the best buyers.

You’re considering a bigger messaging or copy project, but want to test the water first.

You’re close to the bottom of the page now. That makes me think you’re ready to press go …

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What a genius you are – you have the soul of a poet and the brain of a scientist – plus decades of real expertise that make it seem effortless.

– Jessica Cadzow-Collins, Founder & Creative Director

Sue makes it really easy – she took all the waffle out of my head and turned it into copy that sounds professional and also super clear, exciting and true to what I do.

– Isabel Lydall, Founder

Want to eye-up some one-liner examples?

Ready for a one-liner you feel confident & excited to share?

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