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Social proof – how to persuade followers to believe your brand

What is social proof in marketing psychology?

Social proof is simple.

Firstly, we all lean towards popularity. We love familiarity. Change is stressful.

It’s a well-researched concept with robust evidence.

Above all, for good evolutionary reasons, we love to rely on a group.

The FOMO factor

Although it might seem negative to feel peer pressure or desire to conform, it’s vital for strong communities.

There’s an added dash of FOMO (fear of missing out) thrown in there too.

In other words, we hate to lose out.

We feel rivalry (sometimes envy) because we’re mostly loss averse.

Group approval is vital

Group approval helps us decide to try new products & services.

Buying decisions are difficult without trust.

Your content must give potential customers proof that they’re right to trust you.

Social proof builds trust in your brand

So how can you make it work for you?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Just show your audience that others have chosen your product or service.

It reassures them that they’ve made a good decision.


Talk about your popularity.

You don’t need to sell the best-selling candle on the market, for example.

However, your citrus candle could be really popular with remote workers having difficulty concentrating … that’s the story to tell about your popularity.

It’s specific, relevant & engaging.


Similarly, effective social proof also comes from engaging with your followers, even if you’re just starting out.

In other words, involve them by asking questions, or for their opinion, advice, recommendations.

Ask for shares – this is a great strategy.

So ask followers to share your post if they agree, if it helps them, if they need to hear that today … & so on.

Calls to action using social proof

Use social proof by wording your ‘calls to action’ carefully. You could say “most people do this now” or just “join us”.

More ideas

To sum up and keep it simple, if you’re looking for lots of ideas for social media content that builds trust, download my free Guide here.

It will keep you going for months of social proof posts.

Key social proof tips for skimmers

In a rush?

Here’s what you need to know about social proof in marketing psychology.

  • We lean towards products and services that are popular & familiar.
  • So we look upon brands more favourably if we see that other people like us have chosen them.
  • Above all, without trust, buying decisions are very difficult.
  • Group approval helps us to try NEW products & services.
  • Brands have MANY options to show social proof – testimonials, reviews, follower conversations. You’ll find a huge list of ideas here in my free guide.

More marketing psychology gold dust

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