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Want content that sparkles?

Start talking HUMAN & discover exactly HOW to apply psychology principles to your marketing, so it's more likely to connect & convert.


If you've been feeling around in the dark for a new people-focused perspective on marketing, here's a bright idea for sparkling results.


Don't narrow your focus to processes & tech. Think HUMAN. Put your client's brain at the centre of your business.


Marketing psychology will help you create brain-friendly content that converts. All in time for your next launch.


Here's how this works -


You get access to a 'Watch when you like' skills session. I know you're busy - watch when it suits you.


This will show you exactly how to light up your client's brain using the principles of psychology.


Then I POP UP for 7 days to help you take easy action, with 7 days of direct access to me on Slack.


Whatever your timezone, I'll be in our shared workspace every day, to talk human-centred marketing with you.

  • Ask me anything about how to get started talking HUMAN with marketing psychology.
  • Get expert feedback on your content.
  • Feel new-project-ready in the easiest, non-sleaziest, enlightening way.

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Sue at Virtual Gold Dust

"I left our session with ideas that I could implement immediately."

KateKateKitty Holmes London

"I came out with clarity & motivation to get pen to paper & get writing."

KatieKatieProduct Jungle

"A must for business owners who want to roll their sleeves up & get stuck in with their own marketing, but want a bit of reassurance along the way."

BexBexBramble & Fox Shop

About Sue at Virtual Gold Dust

As a marketing mentor, I help other marketers talk about their own (and their clients') work more easily and persuasively using marketing psychology.

Because it's easier to push an open door.