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Top interior design books: our favourites of the latest releases

Do you love flicking through the pages of interior design books?

Want to know which of the latest interiors books are worth a deep dive?

Here’s three of the latest and best interiors books.

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Homebody by Joanna Gaines

Roomy Home Book review Homebody by Joanna Gaines

Homebody by Joanna Gaines is all about creating a home that fits your stage in life, by making your space work for you and your family.

who’s the authoR?

Joanna Gaines is a New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of Magnolia, a Texan home and lifestyle brand. She co-hosts Fixer Upper on HGTV with her husband Chip and writes about design and lifestyle on her blog at Magnolia At Home.

What I loved about Homebody

I love the book’s simple and easy to follow design ethos – choose what you love and it will work. That’s achievable for everybody.

“Whatever home you find yourself in now, I want you to own it. Dream about it. Make it matter for everyone you share it with. That’s what Homebody is all about.” 

Joanna Gaines

It’s a deep-dive design book that’s practical and helpful, whatever your level of expertise. Firstly, it helps you identify the design style you love most.

Then it explores how to interpret your signature style, by outlining design choices in different type of houses, and room by room.

The troubleshooting section is specially useful, as it shows you how to overcome common pain points in each room, whether it’s low light or poor storage.

And you might love some of the quirky details in the homes pictured – all little touches that add personality to your interiors. 

How about this image of an entrance hall, with the lovely brass letterbox used as wall art?

That little letterbox …

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Need a copy now?

Homebody by Joanna Gaines (£25, Harper Collins). Click the cover to find out more (affiliate link).

Joanna Gaines Homebody book review Roomy Home front cover
Homebody by Joanna Gaines,
Amazon £18.75

Instastyle for your living space by Joanna Thornhill

Roomy Home Book review Instastyle for your living space by Joanna Thornhill

Instastyle for your Living Space covers creative styling tips for turning a temporary home (rental or short-term buy) into a budget-friendly space you’ll love.

It’s full of detailed projects, with easy-to-enact instructions. None of the creative projects are too time or money-consuming.

Who’s the author?

Joanna Thornhill is a freelance interior stylist. Instastyle is her first book, re-released in 2018 under this new title.

What i loved about instastyle

I love the premise is that readers may not have bags of money to style up their home, but might relish rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck into a creative project or a quick styling fix.

The biggest takeaway from the book is that you should embrace eclectic in all its glory. This is because you can add to your interior as and when budget permits, and things don’t have to be too matchy.

The projects are heavy on imaginative touches, and light on budget. This is perfect if you’re nervous about investing too much money in your space. Or indeed if you’re a creative novice, and want to experiment without huge outlay for materials.

I loved the step-by-step guides for the various creative projects. There’s a real ingenuity to plenty of them. You’ll also find out how to use styling props to add more life to your space.

Read the full review of Instastyle here.

Need a copy now?

Instastyle for your living space by Joanna Thornhill (CICO Books). Click the cover image to find out more (affiliate link).

Instastyle book cover Joanna Thornhill review Roomy Home
Insta-style for your living space by Joanna Thornhill, Amazon £7.32

Dream design live by Paloma Contreras

book review paloma contreras Roomy Home Book review Dream Design Live Paloma Contreras blog post cover

Here’s the interesting ethos of this book by Paloma Contreras. Creating stunning home interiors can help us live better in other ways.

“When things look and feel good at home, this feeling serves as an impetus for living beautifully in other areas of our lives. …

Living beautifully requires intention and follow-through.”

Paloma Contreras

Can creating a stunning home help you live with more intention in other aspects of your life?

Who’s the author?

Contreras’ work has featured in DominoElle Décor, Architectural Digest, Vogue and the New York Times. Her design blog is called La Dolce Vita.

Forbes listed Contreras as one their top ten social influencers.

What I loved about Dream design live

I love that Contreras believes the most appealing interiors are also the most personal.

Her interiors are sophisticated and polished. She designs with a head for symmetry, and adds luxe details and restrained splashes of colour.

The book is not just full of great interior eye candy.Dream Design Live has plenty of useful advice.

I love that you learn how to edit your discoveries into a cohesive style. In particular, here’s what’s great about the book –

  • Great advice on choosing signature pieces.
  • Tips on playing with scale to create drama.
  • Visuals on putting fabric and pattern together.
  • Styling advice.

Read the full review of Dream design live here.

Need a copy now?

Dream Design Live by Paloma Contreras (Abrams). Click the cover image to find out more (affiliate link).

Dream design live by Paloma Contreras, Amazon £20.88

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