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Video script editing for keynote speaker: case study

Penny Mallory is one of the UK’s top keynote speakers. Her backstory is intriguing. Find out more here about how Penny went from homeless runaway, to world rally driver to TV presenter. Penny asked me to do some video script editing for her motivational speaking business.

Penny has worked with top industry leaders and sports people.

Now, Penny is a performance coach and keynote speaker, focusing on how the power of your mind can help you do incredible things.

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When Penny approached me, she was already a prolific YouTuber and video-maker. It’s the perfect platform for a former TV presenter. That meant she had lots of existing videos that needed a refresh.

Video script editing: research & batching


First, we worked on four key video scripts that brought together Penny’s mission and content, all on the theme of Mental Toughness. These were her keystone topics.

Before I edited of the scripts, I did my research and read THE definitive book on Mental Toughness (affiliate link).

Over the years I’ve found that one of the perks of copywriting, if you love to learn, is that various projects like this spark all kinds of ideas. As a marketing psychology specialist, learning about the mental toughness mindset was right up my street.

Penny Mallory = dream client!


Once the initial core four script project was finished, we tackled editing 22 lengthy video scripts.

I divided these scripts into four batches, to keep things manageable for both of us. That gave us enough headspace to read and edit without feeling overwhelmed by volume. It also helped establish a quality control on the first batch of edits, so we both knew I was on the right track for the rest of them.

A copywriter’s take on the video script editing process

Research done.

Videos divided into batches.

Copywriting and editing time.

First, I wrote a new outro that Penny could riff on at the end of each script. Yes, I wrote the outro first. Copywriters are weird. However, this kept Penny’s call to action consistent and more memorable.

Then I edited each individual script in three stages –

  1. The red pen edit: a first sweep where I brutally cut anything that didn’t add to the story, so that we were left with the essential information only.
  2. A second more creative sweep, where I upped the storytelling by adding a specific tip or memorable anecdote to every script.
  3. A final technical edit, where I made sure the messaging and wording was consistent.

Writer’s tip for copyediting video scripts with 20,000+ words

This was a big project to keep a tight handle on, at more than 21,000 words post-edit.

I devised a quick way of marking and identifying the current editing stage for each script.

  • I marked up using the eyes emoji for my initial red pen edit 1 👀
  • Added a tick when I’d added the storytelling element ✅
  • And finally I added the party emoji after the final edit, when each script had a finishing polish 🎉

The benefits of batch editing video scripts

Batch editing worked for me (the copywriter) and Penny (the client).

Although it was a weighty project, tackling all the scripts in one commission helped me identify key messaging.

And post-deadline, Penny booked a few days of concentrated studio recording time into her busy diary.

By commissioning me to copyedit the scripts all at once, Penny saved time by batch-recording them and uploading them to her YouTube channel easily.

The result was an utterly cohesive, professional video channel to showcase Penny’s expertise and speaking skills.

Mental toughness meets marketing psychology

The delicious thing for me about working with Penny was the crossover in our interests.

Penny’s expertise in Mental Toughness meant that she talks about concepts like embodied cognition, finding flow and how thinking affects behaviour.

Self-employed copywriters and marketers need Mental Toughness too. My mission is to reassure creatives that it’s hard to do your own marketing (even when you’re an expert in your field). There are sound psychological reasons for this.

Working with Penny was fascinating because it gave me deeper perspective on this, as well as many nods of recognition as I edited her scripts.

Feedback on my video script editing service

“Sue is a great writer and delivers ahead of schedule every time. Super reliable and easy to deal with…. highly recommend her!”


Book Penny Mallory as your keynote speaker on her website, Penny Mallory Talks.

Subscribe to Penny’s YouTube channel here.

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